About Us

Todd Holmes joined the insurance industry in 1998 and became an independent company in 2008. The office is strategically located downtown in Tulare, CA. We have 3 independent agents, Melissa Flores Valdez, Mark Sigman and Helen Vital Martin. We specialize in Home and Auto Insurance package, and also offer a wide variety of services such as renter’s, life insurance and small group health insurance.
Home and Auto Insurance combined in one policy is what we most recommend to our clients.

The major advantages to this type of combined policy are:

  • One policy with consolidated information for your home/renter and auto insurance.
  • One bill per month. You can also set up electronic funds transfer plan, which will automatically transfer money from your checking or savings account and apply it to your bill.
  • One deductible that applies to your home/renter and car if both are involved in the same accident, such as garage burning down with two cars inside.

There are several advantages to dealing with only one agent for all your insurance needs.

We are committed to provide products and services with high-quality, protection and value pricing. Our agency is dedicated to working closely with each of our clients, respecting their interests, develops one-to-one relationships and provides timely and accurate service. Our team maintains a reputation of honesty, integrity and fairness.

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